Wildcats win,  Kash Daniel  injures hand

Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel comes up with a tackle against Vanderbilt Saturday in the Wildcats’ 14-7 win over the Commodores. Daniel led the Wildcats with 11 tackles on the night, but he injured his hand in the win.

Kash Daniel was forced to sit out through the last drive of the game due to an injury he suffered to his hand last Saturday night during Kentucky’s 14-7 win over Vanderbilt.

“Kash (Daniel) got a hand injury, and we’ll take a look at it, do some X-rays, and see what we’ve got there,” said Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops after the game.

Aside from the injury, Stoops said he loved the way the defense played all night, and that you had to love the drive his players showed.

Daniel came out of the game as the leading tackler for the Wildcats with 11 total for the night, two of which were for a loss.

After the game Daniel was one of the first to come out of the locker room and immediately addressed his injury.

“Broke,” he said, “or fractured, however you want to put it.”

But, Daniel said, he has no plans to let the injury stop him from any time on the field.

“I’ll club it up and be ready to go play next week,” he said. 

When asked about the possibility of becoming a Top 10 team in the future, Daniel said that the idea was “cool,” but he was more focused on his game against Missouri this coming Saturday.

“Being ranked is great and all, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Anyone can come in and beat someone on any given day,” Daniel said.

Last year against Mizzou, Daniel was able to rush for six yards on a fake punt, allowing the Wildcats a crucial first down in the fourth quarter. That first down helped lead to the game deciding field goal. 

“Every tackle is almost a game tackle,” he said. “It’s hard to get a solo tackle on defense, and that’s a good thing.”

 When asked about his former high school team, the Paintsville Tigers,  winning their district, Daniel had words of encouragement for the Tigers.

“Congrats to Joe (Chirico). Congrats to everyone back home,” he said.

As of now Daniel is expected to play in Saturday’s game against Missouri, but later updates could change that.

Kickoff for that game is scheduled for 4:00 p.m. at Missouri.

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