Kash, Cats motivated for upcoming season

University of Kentucky linebacker and former Paintsville High School standout Kash Daniel signs a football for a fan last week at the Paintsville Rec Center during hte Big Blue Caravan visit to Daniel’s hometown.

Last week during the Big Blue Caravan visit to Paintsville, the national media predicted that the University of Kentucky would win six games this season.

Last season, the Wildcats finished with a 10-3 record and won the Govoner’s Cup and the Citrus Bowl.

Senior linebacker Kash Daniel didn’t agree with the assessment that the Wildcats would only win six games.

“They are a bunch of jackasses,” Daniel said. “ESPN, CBS, NBC, I don’t care. The season starts in August and we’ll see how it goes.

“We’re not going to predict anything. Wee’re not going to come out and say we’re going to do this and that, I can just say that, we lost a lot of great guys, but we’ve also gained a lot of great guys and guys who’ve stepped up on the forefront to take charge as leaders and  to take charge at their positions. I’m really excited to see what we do in camp and what we do on the football field as a team.”

Quarterback Terry Wilson also weighed in with his thoughts about the prediction the Wildcats would only win six games.

“When it’s time for the season to come around, I know that everybody is going to be doubting us and stuff like that, so we really don’t worry about the rankings and stuff like that,” Wilson said. “We really don’t worry about how it goes with the rankings and stuff like that. Everybody has to go out there and prove themselves and play the game that they know how to play. We really don’t spend too much time looking at the rankings, we’re really focused on the summer workouts and trying to finish those. I feel like we’ll be fine, though. We’ve been working really hard.”

UK is in the middle of summer workouts right now and once that concludes, the Wildcats will hold camp before the season starts.

“Right now, we’re in summer workouts,” Daniel said. “Coach Ed and coach Hill are kicking our butts in there. They have us out there running. That’ll last through this month and that’ll last through July. I believe camp starts the last week of July, so summer workouts transition into football camp and then, it’s the long grind of the season. I can’t wait.”

The Wildcats haven’t come up with a mantra or anything like that either. It’s too early to see where things are, but the team is filled with a lot of toughness and gritty players and coaches.

“I feel like I’ll be able to tell you that during fall camp once we’re out there and getting after it,” Wilson said. I just know from right now from everybody working out is that we’re hungry, of course and we’re going to stay humble, but we’re going to have a chip on our shoulder. We just have to work.”

One of those coaches who helps the Wildcats get their attitude besides head coach Mark Stoops from is Vince Marrow.

“Big dog,” Daniel said. “He’s the bread and butter. One of the greatest recruiters in college football. He means to our tight ends, our offense and he means a lot to our team. To have Big Dog on our staff, it means a lot to us and definitely helps this program to take it where it is today.”

“Marrow plays a huge part in the program and so does Stoops,” Wilson said. “Marrow is big with recruiting. It starts with recruiting and he brings in the right guys and he makes sure they’re ready to go and have the right mentality and attitude to win games. I feel like coach Stoops has all of us very disciplined. There a lot of players who have to be accountable for other players and holding them to a higher standard. We’ve been rolling and we just want to get better.”

The Big Blue Caravan gave some of the guys a quick break from summer workouts.

“It motivates me a lot,” Wilson said. “I wish I could go to Oklahoma and do the same thing. This is really cool to come out here and get to meet a lot of Kash’s old friends and coaches and family. To see the little kids that look up to him, that’s the part that really touches me.”

The Wildcats are back working out and getting ready for the season to start.

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