It’s time for  Little League

Six-year-old Aundrea Fairchild swings at a pitch during batting practice Monday evening at the Paintsville Little League field.

It’s finally that time of year again. The smell of the grass in the outfield. The smell of fresh brick dust on the infield. That familiar smell of the leather from your old ball glove. Yes, baseball is in the air and the season is upon us. The high school and college age kids having been playing for a couple of weeks now, but its also time for the little leaguer’s to lace up their spikes as well.

Little League is such an important part of growing up. It’s where kids learn the basics of the game and all the fundamentals that will, in just a few short years, make them the best high school baseball or softball player they can be. Lest we forget, all of the memories that will be made during those little league years. Most kids will earn their first trophy. Playing in the all star game at season’s end. These are the things that children will carry with them the rest of their lives.

Paintsville Little League will begin on April 13th this year according to league president Seth Lauffer. “We will have three different leagues. Our major league is for nine-12 year old kids. Our tee ball league is for 4-5 year olds, and then we have minor league for six, seven and eight-year old kids,” Lauffer said. 

Kids of all different age groups have been hitting in the batting cages at the Paintsville Recreation Center, adjacent to the little league fields. Paintsville will have opening day ceremonies on April 13th beginning at 11:00 am. “Opening day is the biggest day of the year for these kids,” said Lauffer. Playing America’s pastime will teach these children life lesson’s such as critical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, working as a team and to deal with adversity, just to name a few. People should get involved and support organizations such as Paintsville Little League. Get out to a game and watch these kids chase their dreams. Purchase something from the concession stand to help fund their all star teams, as most leagues raise money this way. It is definitely a worthy cause. With so many temptations kids face in the world today, there isn’t a better place for your child to spend time.

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