Bank On It: Matt and Alex Horn

Johnson Central’s Matt (41) and Alex Horn (40) converge on a Scott player for a tackle last week in the Class 4A playoffs.

Opposing offenses are left like they’re seeing double.

And they are when facing Johnson Central defensive linemen and twin brothers Matt and Alex Horn.

The Horns give opposing offensive lines nightmares.

There numbers are almost identical.

Matt leads the team with a team-high 89 tackles and a team-leading 9.5 sacks. Alex follows with 85 tackles and six sacks.

“It’s always a competition between us,” Matt said. “Just being twins and growing up together, it’s fun playing right beside of my brother because I know he’s got my back. We are all a big family on defense and we all have each others backs no matter what.”

The Johnson Central defense is like the brothers’ extended family.

“”We put a lot of trust in our DBs (defensive backs) and our linebackers,” Matt said.

“If we screw up, we know they are going to have our back and get to the ball,” Alex said.

“Our DBs are great,” Matt said. “Our stats come from them because they cover the wide receivers so well that helps us get to the back that much quicker.”

Once the playoffs roll around, everything intensifies on the football field at Johnson Central.

“It picks up pretty good in practice,” Alex said. 

“Just knowing it’s our last postseason as seniors it’s just wanting to be intense,” Matt said. “We know Ashland is a good team, so we just want to go out there ready to play.”

The two defensive lineman know the importance of the play up front.

“The game is won at the line of scrimmage,” Alex said. “The team who controls the line of scrimmage is going to win. 

Johnson Central always has championship goals and the Golden Eagles want to make another run this season, but they had to take on Ashland last night.

“We both started and played in that 2016 season and that’s when we won the state championship,” Matt said. 

“Ashland is always a big game for us and it’s a very exciting game,” Alex said. “Our whole community gets into it. It’s just a big week for Johnson Central football.”

Regional Sports Editor’s Note: This interview can be seen on the Appalachian Newspapers podcast Bank on It Episode 3 on Youtube. To watch the video visit the Paintsville Herald’s Facebook page for the link or search Bank On It on

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