Dear Federal Government,

Stop giving away free money to people who don’t deserve it. You are killing job growth and helping to keep people enslaved to your insatiable desire for more government dependence. Employers can’t find employees and consumers are tired of long checkout lines.



Last year during the COVID pandemic, the government shut down the economy and put millions out of work. A short time after that, they realized they needed to do something. It was typical government where they tried to close the hole in the fence after the horse got away! The government leaders should have said, “Before we close down the U.S., we have a plan to ensure people don’t lose their homes and health care and that they can put food on the table.”

The plan was too late in its implementation. Too many people lost too much before the government reacted. Their plan was to give every American, and then some, $1,200 and extend the unemployment benefits up to an additional $600 per week across the board. It was a Band-Aid to fix a deep crevice.

The plan should have been proportionate to current earnings for people who were displaced due to COVID. Someone making $50k a year got the same benefits as someone making $25K per year. In that case, the lower earner got a raise.

In the last stimulus bill, most people got $1,400 and unemployment benefits were expanded, this time to add an additional $300 per week. This allows people who should be back to work the ability to not work because they are making more money to stay home. The benefits are tax-free and are currently being paid out at about $26K per year.

There are truly many people who need that assistance in order for their families to survive. But, then there are people taking advantage of the government’s stupidity.

If you noticed at any retail outlet you go to, they are understaffed because the free money is too good to pass up for people to return to work. Employers are having a hard time serving customers and consumers are waiting too long for service. If you are fortunate enough to have dedicated employees who show up each day and perform their duties, like we do at our newspapers, consider yourself lucky.

Instead of giving money away, the government needs to create jobs and have incentives for companies to create more jobs and hold on to good employees. Employees should be incentivized to stay at work. You work six months, you get a check, you work a year you get a check and your company gets credits to keep you employed. These incentives will build a better workforce because employees will have a vested interest in staying employed.

There will still be people who truly need to have full government assistance, and that what a compassionate government needs to do. However, every person who is getting full benefits needs to prove that they can’t get jobs or are in a position where they can’t physically work. And that’s where the government can create jobs by hiring people to ensure that tax dollars are being spent wisely.

The new $2 trillion infrastructure bill proposes repairs to roads, bridges, internet access, water, sewer and power grid upgrades. All this needs to happen and be done through private companies that are held accountable for their work. We don’t need another Kentucky Wired. And we sure don’t need increases in our power, water and sewer and Internet bills.

The bill should be very clear on allowable expenses and no damn pork should be in there. And if a politician wants to add pork that is not infrastructure-related, they should be impeached on the spot.

We need to do something, but to blindly throw money at people who are undeserving is a travesty and prevents businesses to grow. If you think the economy was bad last year, keep giving free money to people to not work and see how many businesses close this year.

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