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Well, I hope our city leaders are satisfied. The vines have taken over our historic swinging bridge, so now no one can see it even exists.

It seems as if no one in our city or county administration cares anything about trying to get any new jobs in here or not, so long as they can get paid and socialize with their fishing, hunting, golfing, gambling, drinking buddies.

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It has become common knowledge now that President Trump doesn’t read or won’t read. This is something that should not be dismissed out of mind, for it is an important clue into his mentality: he doesn’t comprehend what most school children know significantly—that reading is fundamental. Read…

The week of June 25, we hosted our fourth year of Johnson County Sheriff’s camp.  28 Johnson County students that ranged from the 4th grade to the 6th grade attended a week filled with fun and various learning activities.  

Sheriff Camp has two goals.  One is to ensure campers have a positive experience with law enforcement officers.  The other is to help establish a network of friends during an age where students will soon transition to middle school.  Those friendships can create a bond among Sheriff Campers that makes transitioning schools easier.  Campers know other campers that may already be in middle school or are from other schools going into middle school.  

Dear Editor,

Why does one party, the Democrats, have more concern for people of other countries than they do about their own citizens? Illegal aliens have no right to come here unless we permit it by law.

I am disgusted by the failure of the news media, including most of the female anchors and commentators on Fox News, and certainly all of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and the leftwing MSNBC along with most major newspapers to note the following concerning the child separation issue at the border: 

It seems almost a requirement that any discussion about the differences between the sexes must first touch base with the story of Adam and Eve. In a close reading of this story what immediately becomes apparent is that Adam needed corrective surgery, that he required an operation; the result of which, of course, was Eve. So as the old-time farmer’s admonition goes, God had to go back and lick his calf. In other words, He had to go back and complete His task or do it over; and in this case, create a companion for Adam, one who would become as one flesh with him, his equal. Here it is important to note that it wasn’t until after the apple incident that God arbitrarily had Adam rule over Eve and become subservient to him.