Dear Editor,

Why does one party, the Democrats, have more concern for people of other countries than they do about their own citizens? Illegal aliens have no right to come here unless we permit it by law.

I am disgusted by the failure of the news media, including most of the female anchors and commentators on Fox News, and certainly all of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and the leftwing MSNBC along with most major newspapers to note the following concerning the child separation issue at the border: 

1) They have no right to be here. We admit over 1 million legal immigrants per year, as I understand it. Let them apply to enter the USA legally and wait their turn.

2) It is the responsibility of the parents who either sent or brought their children across illegally, thus breaking the law and that makes the parents criminal, not the U.S. government for enforcing the law. If parents in this nation are guilty of breaking the law, what happens? First, they are charged and a decision is made that either they must be incarcerated, which results in their children being taken by the state and placed where they are taken care of, or the parent charged with a crime has to stand bail if that is the decision of the court. But these non-citizen parents are released with a promise that they will return, without having to stand bail and thus most never report for their hearing! That gives them greater rights than American citizens!! Why is that not a part of this discussion rather than the hysterical reaction we are seeing by liberals and even people who are not liberal, over the separation of children from their parents, who do not even belong to this country?

3) Many of those children are not accompanied by their own parents but by people paid to bring them into our country illegally instead of applying to migrate legally. How many of those children are molested and abused, including being enslaved in the child sex market? Is anybody even looking into that aspect of this migration?

4) Some of those pictures of children in containment cages (I suspect for their own protection and control) were actually taken during the Obama administration several years ago. Why is that not pointed out in other media besides Fox News and conservative news websites? I will say it is because journalists, who vote +85% Democrat and thus are liberal in their world view, do not accept the idea that nations have a right to exist and that borders therefore ought to be done away with. That is a socialist view of the world. Democrats increasingly take that position and they also do it with an eye to these immigrants becoming voters in the future which will give them the winning edge in elections. It is about power and control for them.

As far as I am concerned, all people caught illegally crossing our borders should be immediately sent back across the border and we need to change the laws in order to do that. If they return again, incarcerate them in a work camp setting for a short period of time such as 30 days. If they return again, increase the time they are sent to the work camp. I agree with the President’s zero tolerance policy. I have just read an editorial statement in the Wall Street Journal which is for a relaxation of immigration limits and calls people who take my view “restrictionists” because they really want a supply of cheap labor for business with no regard for American people who need jobs. Their view that we need more laborers ignores the fact that many people who could work are still on government support and they need to be enticed and pushed to go to work. Some of those people could do the jobs illegals now take, including landscaping, construction and other kinds of work. Our jobs should be filled first by Americans. Many areas have been savaged by loss of industries and here in Appalachia by the war on coal by liberal leftists like Obama. Let’s get these people back to work before we permit so many foreign workers. I prefer the Goodlatte bill for its comprehensive approach that includes E-verify, building more wall, ending the family chain migration and the cultural diversity lottery system. Our relatively open borders approach must cease. The catch and release practice is insane and must be ended.

— Dr. Donald Barlow, Staffordsville

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