The week of June 25, we hosted our fourth year of Johnson County Sheriff’s camp.  28 Johnson County students that ranged from the 4th grade to the 6th grade attended a week filled with fun and various learning activities.  

Sheriff Camp has two goals.  One is to ensure campers have a positive experience with law enforcement officers.  The other is to help establish a network of friends during an age where students will soon transition to middle school.  Those friendships can create a bond among Sheriff Campers that makes transitioning schools easier.  Campers know other campers that may already be in middle school or are from other schools going into middle school.  

I would like to thank those who volunteered their time to help make this a success.  Without the volunteers, this camp would not be possible.  They are there in the heat, the rain, feeding campers and being full-time camp parents. 

The Community Cares Volunteers are seasoned with years of participating in the many projects and events that the Johnson County Sherriff’s Office provides to the community.  They participate in planning, facilitating and ensuring Johnson County Sheriff Camp is a safe, fun and energetic camp.   

I would like to thank the presenters who came to camp and provided various presentation and activities with campers. We are fortunate to bring outstanding presenters that rank high in their field of expertise to Sheriff Camp.  In addition to our expert presenters campers had two field trips.  One to Fairchild Farm and the other to the Louisville Zoo.    

Lastly, I would like to thank our Camp Champions:  Paul B Hall Medical Center, Piarist Outreach, Pelphrey Investments, Skyline Medical Equipment, Jerry Pelphrey Fireworks, B&C Shirts, Med Express Pharmacy, Donald & Kathleen Arms, KPR Restaurants, Inc., Food City of Paintsville, Dr. Ashley Adams, McDonald’s of Eastern Kentucky, Fazoli’s of Paintsville, Mason Coal, Dairy Queen of Paintsville, Bill’s Contracting, Inc., POPS Chevrolet, Castle’s Jewelry, Dollar General of Staffordsville, Castle’s Roofing, AT+T, Van Lear Historical Society, Caudill’s Wholesale, Apple Valley Sanitation, Kelly’s Market, Dr. Brittany Fairchild, Burger King of Paintsville, Hutch Auto Group. Paintsville Lake State Park, Brian and Angie Pelphrey, KAM’S and others who donated to Sheriff Camp.    

Camp Champions make the difference in the level of ‘camp’ we are able to provide. Camp Champions donate in various ways to make Sheriff Camp a success.  Their donations range from food to sponsorships.  Each and all are vital in producing a week long successful Sheriff Camp.

Thanks again to everyone that helped make 2018 a success.

Thank you,

Sheriff Dwayne Price, Staffordsville

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