Coke or Pepsi? Bud or Miller? UK or UofL? Glock or Smith? Afghanistan — in or out? Charmin or Northern? We are divided over many things and with the division, there are conspiracy theories to qualify ones position.

That’s why it’s vitally important that the messages we get are accurate and from credible sources. So far, we have gotten pretty good advice from credible sources about COVID. However, the booster issue is confusing.

We all know that COVID is real. We all know there is a vaccine that may be able to prevent or lessen the effects of the virus. Some people believe that and some don’t. Many conspiracies are circulating about this.

Some of the conspiracies claim that it’s political. It’s a Democrat vs. Republican issue. But most Republicans are vaccinated. Some conspiracy theorists believe there is a chip in each vaccine and that the government is watching them, which is malarkey. Each vial contains approximately five doses. The chances that one microchip can miraculously get from the vial into the syringe perfectly each time is nonsense. And for the record, the government is already tracking you with your cell phone.

One conspiracy is that this was all manufactured so the Big Pharma can get more money. That’s the most believable one. Big Pharma rules this country. They have people on more medications than they need and they make a pill for every aliment. They spend hundreds of millions convincing the general public they have a pill for what ails you. And patients are now experts in their own health care.

There is almost $500 billion spent each year on prescriptions. Almost 65 percent of Americans are on one or more medications they will have to take for the rest of their lives. Over 500,000 Americans spend more than $50,000 per year on medications.

Don’t get me wrong, some medications are life-saving and some are profit centers that could be eliminated, but the patients are hooked.

When the COVID vaccines came out there were three major companies that had one that was approved for emergency use in the United States. One was a single shot and the other two were two doses. Now we are hearing that a booster is probably needed, but that’s only for one of the companies. And since President Biden spouted off about everyone getting a booster, which was complete and total misinformation, people are just as confused as he is. Making the conspiracy theorists say I told you so.  

What muddies the waters is one vaccine; Pfizer is approved for a booster. But only to certain people. Some health care providers are saying that all vaccines, Moderna and J&J are safe to get a booster, but not approved by anyone either as emergency use or other. The Delta variant has wreaked havoc on this nation and while it seems to be on the downward trend, do we still need a booster? Will we need yearly boosters? We really don’t know yet.

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered by the professionals who are giving information from data and research.  Anything else is unacceptable. And adds fuel to the conspiracy theorists. In the meantime Big Pharma is cashing in once again. And go ahead and see how much money Big Pharma gives to politicians.

For me, I believe the virus is real. I don’t like soft drinks; I’m fine with Bud or Miller, same with Glock and Smith. And Charmin is king, and Afghanistan pullout was a joke. When I get good intel about the booster, I’ll get it. Until then I’ll let the science do its work and tune out the pundits and the president who should obtain more information before he opens his mouth or makes any more stupid decisions.

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