What’s black and white and blue all over?

A newspaper that’s blue in the face lecturing on the same few points every edition from the soapbox of the opinion page. 

Longtime readers will know these recurring themes: Governmental transparency and accountability. Judicious use of tax dollars. Local, interdepartmental and regional cooperation. Opening the floodgates of a revolution to Eastern Kentucky’s economy, while stemming the tide of the drug crisis. Stop littering, wear a seatbelt, and as Bob Barker would say, don’t forget to spay or neuter your pets.

We do not want to moralize. We do not want to inculcate anything except maybe common sense. We merely wish to advocate. If we exhort again and again on the same points, it is because we are given new opportunities with the news of the day to illustrate the point, whether it be something exemplary or something short of the ideal.

This week’s second of the 2018 Paintsville Town Hall meetings is one such opportunity — and a case of government gone right. 

Representatives of local agencies that serve the public gave an evening of their time to update you on what they are doing with your tax dollars and what they hope to offer you this summer and in the coming years.

It is a public forum, with a stage, an audience and with cameras rolling. That would be a scary proposition if any of these agencies had something to hide, because there is little to no room to demur from tough questions.

We could not be happier that this town hall meeting series is underway. It is also heartening to see candidates running for office routinely in attendance, in an effort to stay tuned in to the events of Johnson County and the interests of the public.

Another such meeting will be held in the fall. We will be there, and we hope you will be, too.

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