It’s June. Go outside.

The most oppressive heat of summer is still far ahead of us, but the unpredictable rains of spring are almost fully behind us. Now is the time to get out in the garden, fix up your fences and take in all the wonder that Johnson County has to offer.

We all use that same winter-long excuse: we’ll do this project or that activity once the weather breaks and it warms up a little bit. 

Well, it’s warm. Now the key is to get to it, before you find yourself saying you’ll do it once it cools off!

And aside from making your home and yard the best it can be, once you’re outdoors, you might just discover that where you live is a font of amazing opportunities.

If the kids say, “There’s nothing to do around here,” prove them wrong. Go see Jenny Wiley’s grave, or Loretta Lynn’s birthplace. Tour the Coal Miner’s Museum, take a hike around Paintsville Lake.

One of the best, and perhaps most underappreciated, summer events is the Levisa Fork Paddlefest. Once a month, you can rent a kayak and hop in the river in Prestonsburg for a leisurely Saturday paddle. You can get out at the new Combs Airport boat ramp near the Johnson County line, or go on into Paintsville. Either place, you’ll find lunch and shuttle service back to your car.

This is on top of the other amazing work constantly being put on by the Johnson County Public Library, the Paintsville Tourism Commission, the Johnson County Cooperative Extension Service, area churches, and the Paintsville/Johnson County Trail Town Committee, to name just a few.

Keep an eye on our Area Briefs, which, space permitting, run in every edition of the paper. There’s always something new going on, and if you look, there’s enough going on just here in Johnson County to fill out your calendar through June. 

Know of something we should know about and run in the Area Briefs? Give us a call at, (606) 789-5315, e-mail us at,, fax it over at, (606) 789-9717 or just drop by our office to tell us. We’re here to help spread the word — and help get people outside.

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