A story on the City of Paintsville and the Paintsville Tourism Commission, comparing the last fiscal year’s actual revenues and expenses with those of the year’s budget, is not exactly exciting stuff. We know that. 

But it’s important, because with a new fiscal year already started, we have budgets on the books for these agencies, and as taxpayers, we need to know how close they came to hitting their marks, because it helps us know if the new budget is realistic. 

The concrete numbers are not the only thing that is obdurate, factual black-and-white. One other thing is above dispute: The efforts of city records custodians who fulfilled The Paintsville Herald’s requests promptly and completely. 

The names of City Clerk Virgie Castle and Paintsville Tourism business manager Lynnette Pruitt do not appear in that story, but they and the team around them are the unsung heroes who keep diligent records and provide them for inspection by the public — by you. For a free press to function, this is of paramount importance, and we thank these custodians for taking on this additional task on top of their regular duties.

Government of any size functions best when it is transparent, and we can say unequivocally that these agencies made the effort to remain transparent. 

You feel strongly about the city’s direction in management, or the choices in events and venues being prioritized by our tourism commission. That’s not what the front-page story is about, and it’s not what this editorial is about. If you have thoughts about these topics, ardently supportive or vehemently critical, we welcome letters to the editor. All we publish are your thoughts, your name and your city — just be aware that we do not run letters that make outright endorsement of any candidate or challenger.

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