Do you, or someone you know, pay a lot of money for flood insurance? Of course you do. The average Paintsville resident in the flood plain pays nearly $1,200 a year.

Ever wish you could do something about it? Now you can!

No, this is not an advertisement shilling for some kind of bogus alternative. This is that rare opportunity to actually make a difference.

The hard work of the Big Sandy Area Development District is slowly coming to fruition in the form of meetings aimed at improving Paintsville’s Community Rating System rank. For the uninitiated, the CRS uses a points system.

Already, a committee is working to draft an action plan for mitigation that could net the city points, and has helped the city apply for a grant for a Division of Water survey that, once it’s on the books, could help unlock a lot of points the city should otherwise already be earning. 

These efforts could help take the current five percent discount Paintsville earns and, over the next year or two, increase that to a 10 percent, 15 percent, or an even greater discount. 

More importantly, the map could adjust the flood plain and remove residents from being forced to pay for flood insurance altogether.

How can you help?

Stop by Paintsville City Hall, or the Big Sandy ADD in Prestonsburg, for a copy of the survey the flood plain management committee is using to draft the plan. More surveys means more points, which means lower flood insurance.

Mark your calendar or set a reminder in your phone to visit the public meetings the committee holds, the next of which is currently scheduled for Monday, May 28, at 6 p.m. at the Paintsville Recreation Center. Encourage your friends and neighbors to attend. More people means more points, which again, can mean lower flood insurance.

Your survey, and your presence, has a direct impact on the city’s CRS points. This is an actual, tangible opportunity you have to improve the economy and quality of life for yourself and your fellow citizens.

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