The primary election is nearly upon us here, and on Tuesday, Johnson County residents will go to the polls to choose both national and local officials to represent them.

It is every able American’s duty to vote, and we hope others agree and find their way to the polling places.

But, there’s a lot of information out there, especially incorrect or misleading information which is causing concerns for voters and headaches for officials. The most important thing is to get all of the right information. Spend some time before Tuesday examining accurate and trustworthy information on voting.

One of the best sources available for Kentucky voters is the website maintained by Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes’ office at, Grimes and her staff are to be commended for being so thorough and making such a strong effort to ensure the electorate is as informed as possible before going to the polls.

It’s simple enough to find basic information, such as polling places, registration information and other information on this website.

An unfortunate aspect of elections is vote fraud. While we all hope for and expect the best out of officials and our fellow citizens, fraud is sometimes responsible for marring an election. Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear’s office has a hotline set up at, 800-328-VOTE, for citizens to report any issues or voting irregularities.

If you experience any problems or see any fraudulent acts, please contact Beshear’s office. It is imperative these problems be identified with so anyone seeking to undermine the process can be dealt with in the strongest manner possible.

It’s fitting that there is a closeness in dates between Kentucky’s primary election and Memorial Day, which, this year will be recognized less than one week later, on May 28.

The most fitting thing is that voting is a great tribute you can commit to the men and women who sacrificed, in some cases all, for that simple right.

With your vote, you can change the course of a nation. But, you can do the same thing by staying at home, and not in a good way.

Many recent elections have come and gone with dismal turnouts. In Johnson County, the last two county elections, in 2010 and 2014 saw turnouts of 35 percent and 31 percent, respectively. It’s time to buck that trend and begin to make a big change in our communities.

Voting is the most essential cornerstone of our nation. Please participate and support others who take time to have their voice heard.

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