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We, as voters, have some very important choices to make in the upcoming weeks. We will be choosing school board members, city commissioners, state and U.S. senate positions, representatives, supreme court positions and least we forget the granddaddy of them all — the president.

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We reached an important milestone recently at the University of Kentucky. With about 50 days left until Thanksgiving, we crossed the halfway point of this unprecedented semester.

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How often have we heard the phrase that “it is time to turn down the temperature on the rhetoric,” rhetoric used to drive the public discussion on the issue of the day? Rhetoric comes in many forms, but regardless of whether it is a headline on the front page of a local or national newspaper…

The good news is there are plenty of jobs available for people who are willing to work. The bad news is that employers in Kentucky are experiencing a lack of people who can fill the open positions.

The Kentucky Chamber Workforce Center published a slew of statistics that explain the state’s current workforce position. Their research shows that more than 81 percent of Kentucky businesses are planning to expand in the next three to five years and that 80 percent of those businesses say they can’t fill those positions. Kentucky also has a low workforce participation rate, meaning the available people who are both eligible to and do work, is lower than average.

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