W.R. Castle Memorial Elementary School has donated $300 to the Big Sandy Chapter 18 DAV (Disabled American Veterans) of Auxier to help the organization with their usual winter charities, as Treasurer and Secretary for the DAV chapter, Robert Trador said the organization has not been able to fundraise this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s been a terrible year for the DAV,” Trador said. “No roadblocks, we haven’t made any money and we can’t even take care of our children this year because we haven’t made any money.”

Trador said that was why the organization was so thankful for the school’s contribution — it was a windfall the DAV needed to perform some semblance of their usual charitable deeds this year.

“Jeanette Cantrell and Wendy Chafin donated us a check for $300 that their children, the fifth graders last year raised through a bake sale,” Trador said. “We wanted to thank the kids there for giving us that.”

Trador said that the year has been disheartening for the DAV, which usually works all throughout the year to donate the funds to Family Resource and Youth Services Coordinators at schools throughout the county to help provide shoes, socks and other necessities for children in need at each school.

“We usually go to the schools and give each of them $1,000 to $2,000 dollars to spend on the kids with the most need, depending on how much we’ve raised,” Trador said. “This is important to us because we haven’t gotten any donations all year, with what this virus has done to us. It’s terrible.”

Trador said he believes the community knows the DAV goes to great lengths to help the community each year and that he understands that many do not have the means to contribute this year.

“We’re just hanging on,” Trador said. “Because of that, with not getting donations this year, we’re beyond thankful for anything we can get and this means so much to us. We’ve done this for seven or eight years, at least, and we all get excited all summer to go out and road block and raise money for these kids. We try to give away every dime we can raise. We don’t want to send the money off to Louisville or Cincinnati when we’ve got people here locally who need help, we want to give our money back locally.”

Trador said that $300 would be reinvested directly into Johnson County kids.

For more information on the DAV, or to make a contribution to the organization, find them on Facebook by searching “Big Sandy Chapter 18 DAV Auxier KY.”

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