The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office is closed for regular business until next year, Sheriff Dwayne Price has said, but the reasoning behind the shutdown may not be what many people expect. 

Price said that auditors have requested the hiatus in tax collections and the shutdown of the office in an effort to close out the books on the office under his tenure.

“The auditors suggested we shut tax collections down on the 15th. That gives us time to get the bills straightened out, because we have to zero out before the new sheriff takes office,” Price said.

Price said that the shutdown should have no effect on the law enforcement in the county, with deputies still making their routine patrols. Other business the sheriff’s office conducts, such as inspections, can still be arranged via phone call to the office at, (606) 789-3411.

“It’s just something the auditors requested,” Price said. “In January, I’ll meet with (incoming Sheriff) Doug (Saylor) at (County Clerk) Sallee (Conley-Holbrook)’s office and we’ll both sign over the unpaid taxes, just like I had to do with (former Johnson County Sheriff) Bill (Witten) years ago.”

Saylor said taxpayers stressed about being unable to pay taxes before Dec. 31 and suffering a penalty can relax.

“There is a statute that requires collecting at face value for 30 days,” Saylor said.

The law in question, Kentucky Revised Statute 134.015, permits an alternative collection schedule based on the dates of tax bill mailings should the regular statutory schedule be disrupted.

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