Rock slide causes crash on U.S. 23

A rock slide led to a crash with one individual injured and a lane closure on U.S. 23 Wednesday in the Wittensville Community, according to a statement from W.R. Castle Fire-Rescue.

W.R. Castle Fire-Rescue responded late Wednesday evening to a crash on U.S. 23 near Witten Lane, in which a vehicle traveling on the highway struck a large boulder that had fallen into the road after a rock slide, according to a statement from WRCFS.

The rock fall resulted in the southbound lane of the highway 

The driver of the vehicle, Crystal Bailey, said she is thankful for the help of the emergency personnel and detailed her injuries.

“Thank you to all the emergency personnel that helped me and my nephew Reid Marshall. He was okay but was checked out at the ER,” Bailey said in a Facebook post. “I was shipped on to Pikeville with a huge hematoma on my leg and a fractured sternum. I’m really sore and bruised badly, but thanking the good Lord I’m alive.”

The crash happened at approximately 9 p.m., and was cleaned up and all injured persons were treated by 10:30 p.m., when traffic was again operating normally, according to the statement.

WRCFS said there was a “high likelihood of addition (rockslides),” on Wednesday and urged caution to anyone traveling on U.S. 23 in the near future in the area between Christian Way and Witten Lane.

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