A Richmond man was arrested in Johnson County Circuit Court Friday, as he was set to be placed on probation in relation to an arrest in December.

According to Commonwealth’s Attorney Anthony Skeans, Nicholas Music, 37, of Richmond, missed a court date for a pre-sentencing investigation previous to Friday’s court appearance and therefore violated the conditions of his release.

“You didn’t come to your PSI?” Judge John David Preston asked Music in court, before instructing a bailiff to “take him to jail.”

Music was arrested Dec. 7 by Paintsville Police Department officers on two counts of first-degree and first-offense trafficking in a controlled substance (greater than or equal to two grams of methamphetamine), two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and two counts of public intoxication, according to jail records, and was also served with a parole violation warrant.

Music was set to serve four years of unsupervised probation, according to court documents, on an amended charge of first-degree possession of a controlled substance, and the original paraphernalia and public intoxication charges. This agreement was based on a current Florida residency, and would be changed to a supervised arrangement if Music took up residence in Kentucky.

According to Skeans, Music will now serve one month on the new charge of contempt of court, and whether his plea deal will stand will be evaluated on his new sentencing date of June 21.

Court documents said the arrest stemmed from a Dec. 6 incident at Walmart in which PPD Officer Zach Stapleton responded to a complaint of a male shoplifting and possibly under the influence. When Stapleton arrived, he detained Music and searched his person, finding a flashlight in Music’s underwear, and more than $200 in cash and two “baggies,” one of which court documents said was filled all the way to the top with what Stapleton believed to be methamphetamine, according to court documents. Stapleton also located a “short straw” in Music’s pocket.

At that time, the citation said, Music told Stapleton he “did not use (methamphetamine), but people knew how much he had on him and how much money he had.”

Stapleton then advised Music that the amount he had on his person was more than would be carried for personal use and that he was being charged with trafficking and his money would be seized, the citation said.

Music has remained in custody at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center since Friday.

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