Quilter’s Showcase to honor Sandy Salyer

Sandy Salyer, a long-time volunteer of the Johnson County Cooperative Extension Office, shows off some of her craft.

The Family and Consumer Sciences division of the Johnson County Cooperative Extension Office is highlighting cultural art in the form of quilting, honoring the work of one local artist.

From 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 26, the organization will hold an event honoring Sandy Salyer at the Historic Stafford House.

“Quilting historically was often done as a team,” according to a statement from the Extension Office. “The old fashioned quilting bees of yesteryear gave way to family and friends just working together to complete a project. While the practicality of being frugal by managing your fabric scraps and utilizing them by incorporating them into a functional quilt has, for the most part, given way to the purchasing of fabric to create very distinctive designs and classifying them today as a work of art.”

According to the statement, Salyer has been a long-time Extension volunteer and has spent “countless hours sharing her skills with others.”

“She currently offers free embroidery classes at the Johnson County Extension Office, leads in the Johnson County Piecemakers Quilt Guild, and has served for several years at the county and state level for Extension Homemakers on the topic of cultural arts,” the statement said. “While her artistic skills are very diverse, with skills in basketry and gourd painting, her specialty is quilting.

“Sandy began quilting in 1958 when she created her first baby quilt. Each child and grandchild has been photographed on this heirloom quilt that serves as a family keepsake. Sandy credits her skill advancement to family members such as Lurlie Borders and Emerald Salyer,” the statement said,  “and was inspired by famous quilters such as Mamaw Harper.”

Several quilters will be available at the Nov. 26 event to answer questions, provide hands-on activities, give demonstrations and more for would-be-quilters. For those who just wants to admire the more than 45 works of quilted art, multiple techniques such as pieced, applique, wool, mixed media, sampler designs, embroidery and more will be available for viewing.

For more information, contact the Johnson County Extension Office at, (606) 789-8108 or find them on Facebook.

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