A Paintsville man is facing numerous charges after allegedly biting an officer during an altercation with police during an incident on Pine Street on Mar. 4, in which officers, including Paintsville Police Department Officer Zach Mitchell, responded to a complaint of a “noxious odor” at a residence on the street, according to court documents.

The subject who allegedly fled the scene was located later on Broadway Street, with officers noting in court documents that he appeared jittery and erratic, and expressed fear that officers were, “going to do something to him or plant something on him.”

The individual, Donald R. Chandler, 38, ignored repeated instructions to keep his hand out of his right pocket, until Mitchell advised he would be forced to deploy his Taser against Chandler if necessary. According to court documents, Chandler then accused officers of “rubbing stuff all over him,” and began screaming in a disruptive way to the general public in the area.

Chandler allegedly resisted being handcuffed, and after an attempt to tase him, Chandler then began kicking and bit both Mitchell and another officer, both on the leg, according to the citation.

With EMS on scene, Chandler allegedly screamed that “they were putting blood on him and for his mom to record the event,” though no other person was in the immediate area, Mitchell noted.

Chandler then allegedly bit an officer on the wrist after being transported to Paul B. Hall Regional Medical Center for clearance. After receiving medical care, officers noted his condition improved, and Chandler admitted he should not have run or bitten the officers, according to the citation.

Chandler was lodged in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center on charges of public intoxication (controlled substance), three counts of third-degree assault on a police officer, menacing, first-degree criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and second-degree disorderly conduct.

Chandler was released the next day and no court dates had been set as of presstime Friday.

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