The Johnson County Fiscal Court agreed Monday to proceed with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Highways District 12’s list of recommended improvements under the Johnson County Rural Secondary Road Program. 

The anticipated allotment of funds for the year from the motor vehicle fuel tax, local District 12 representative Tim Spencer said, is $1,167,610.

“Now that allotment is actually $62,034 less than last year, so like everyone else, the budget restraints hit everyone, and hit you, too,” Spencer said.

Of that money, $480,900 is anticipated to be used for the maintenance of Johnson County’s 79 miles of rural secondary roads, $2,400 will be used for the expenses of the judge-executive’s office, and $534,578 for three projects Spencer outlined.

Those projects include resurfacing three miles of Ky. 469 between Redbush and Keaton, resurfacing two miles of Ky. 1750 between Whitaker and Lick Fork, and patching 2.2 miles of Ky. 3390 between Hammond and Whitehouse. Spencer said these three projects were part of a rotating, seven-year plan to keep state rural secondary roads in shape as they wear out.

That leaves $149,732 available to the county as flex funds for fixing roads at the county’s discretion.

“You’ll generate a list of roads you want to spend this money on, and how,” Spencer said. 

McKenzie and Spencer clarified that state primary roads, like Ky. 3, were funded by different means, and while the bulk of this $1.1 million had to go to these state secondary roads, the county’s flex funds could be used for smaller county asphalt projects.

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