Data collection is ongoing to determine whether those affected by flooding on Feb. 23 will receive federal relief, according to Paintsville/Johnson Count Emergency Management Director Gary McClure, who said PJCEM was still receiving some calls about flood damage.

McClure said he believes most of the damage in Johnson County has already been reported.

“A lot of the data has been collected at our office,” McClure said. “We’re still receiving a few phone calls everyday, but I think the majority of it has been reported.”

According to McClure, PJCEM staff is working on entering the data for affected individuals to be sent to Frankfort.

“What we’re doing now, we’re having to download that information,” McClure said. “We have an app where we submit damage data to Frankfort and after we get all of that sent in for the individual assessment, the counties statewide that were affected, all of those numbers will be tallied together and the state will make a determination as to whether the governor will request a presidential declaration. It’s just kind of a process we have to go through to collect this data and get it submitted correctly.”

If the presidential declaration is requested and approved, McClure said, individuals with damage to their homes could receive assistance with replacement or repair of damaged property related to the flood from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

McClure said that local and third-party organizations were still “in the field,” providing help where they can.

“That’s pretty much where we’re at,” McClure said. “I know we do have a couple of organizations out in the field, I think the American Red Cross is still in the county and Christian Appalachian Project has some folks out visiting some of the affected areas in the county.”

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