Widespread flooding across Kentucky in recent weeks has left many residents with damaged property that is in immediate need of cleanup and repair. Property owners are encouraged to begin cleanup, debris removal, and mold remediation as quickly as possible, however before reconstruction of residential structures can begin, permits are required from the Kentucky Division of Water (DOW) and local entities.

To help accelerate the process and decrease the cost to residents, the DOW is waiving an applicant’s public notice requirement, and is expediting reviews of applications.

Applications can be submitted to the Floodplain Management Section of the DOW, 300 Sower Boulevard Frankfort, KY 40601 or by email to DOWFloodplain@ky.gov.

Permit applicants can help by providing their email address, phone number, mailing address, damaged property address and property latitude and longitude, as well as a description of the repairs to be conducted on the application.

Applicants also must provide an estimate of the cost of repairs and the pre-damage valuation of the structure to be repaired (less land value). This can be obtained online from the county property valuation administrator (PVA) or from a real estate appraiser.

To learn more about flooding and flood hazards, please contact your local floodplain coordinator or visit the Energy and Environment Cabinet website for more information.