Paintsville welcomes Hartsock and Sword Orthodontics

Doctors Tom Hartsock and Jacob Sword gathered with their families, Paintsville Mayor Bill Mike Runyon and representatives from the Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Thursday for a ribbon-cutting ceremony and grand opening at Hartsock & Sword Orthodontics’ new Broadway Street location in Paintsville.

The City of Paintsville welcomed Hartsock and Sword Orthodontics into the city Thursday with a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the business’s new Broadway Street location.

The originally Pikeville-based business will be accepting patients in Paintsville and the surrounding area immediately, and, orthodontist Jacob Sword said both he and Dr. Tom Hartsock will be serving patients at the new location.

Sword said he was very excited to be doing business in a partnership with Hartsock, whom he has known since he was a child.

“When I was in college, he asked me what I wanted to do for a career,” Sword said. “He was really wanting to know if I, eventually, wanted to take over for him one day, which was an awesome compliment because I always looked up to him. He was a great professional and he treated my family so well and we thought the world of him, so, of course, I wanted to do what he did.”

Sword said he then decided that orthodontics was what he wanted to do.

“Fast forward eleven years, and here we are, expanding our business to Paintsville,” Sword said. “We’ve always wanted to be in this community and get more patients from this area and serve the people of this area, but we thought we needed a storefront to serve them, and so here we are.”

According to Sword, he and Hartsock, whom Sword stated had been asked this year to be a keynote speaker for Invisalign at its semi-annual national summit, due to his experience and expertise with the product.

“Starting this year, Invisalign, as a company has asked him to speak at their national summit, which is every other year. He was a keynote speaker there,” Sword said. “Also, he was even asked to speak to the entire North American branch of their sales division because of his extensive experience with Invisalign, and for someone from Eastern Kentucky to get that notoriety is, I think, a huge deal. In my world, if you’re asked to speak on that level, that’s the biggest thing.”

For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call Hartsock & Sword Orthodontics at, (606) 432-3603, or search for them on Facebook.

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