Jerry Lee Ramey

Jerry Lee Ramey

A Paintsville man was sentenced Friday in Johnson Circuit Court to serve 10 years in prison on assault and animal cruelty charges, according to Johnson County Commonwealth Attorney Tony Skeans.

According to Skeans, Jerry Lee Ramey was given a recommended sentence in court Friday of 10 years to serve, and is expected to serve at least eight and a half of those years before parole eligibility.

Jail records indicate Ramey was originally arrested following the issuance of an indictment warrant in August 2018, in which Ramey was charged with first-degree assault and second-degree cruelty to animals. The indictment said that Ramey had “caused serious physical injury to (the man) by cutting/slashing him with a razor or sharp instrument.”

“(Ramey’s) ex-wife’s new boyfriend, (Ramey) kind of stalked him out and attacked him,” Skeans said. “In the process of attacking him, the guy had a dog that came to his aid, and (Ramey) cut the dog up.”

Skeans said the high percentage of time to serve before parole eligibility on the assault charge sentence was influenced by the severity of the attack on the dog.

“It was one of those things where, the misdemeanor, I’m sure it’ll run concurrent for twelve months, but he’ll get a hard 10 years on the assault charge,” he said

According to Skeans, the official sentencing will be held on Sep. 9 as Ramey’s attorney was unable to attend court Friday.

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