A Johnson County man was arrested last week after a suspected DUI case turned into the alleged assault of a police officer.

According to court documents, Parker McCoy, 57, of Paintsville, was stopped and exiting a Chevrolet Blazer on Rt. 3 near Inez when Martin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Aaron Blevins asked if he could be of assistance. McCoy’s’ vehicle, the citation notes, matched the description of a vehicle which was reported to be driving recklessly and had tried to run another vehicle off the road, and Blevins was in the area investigating the call. 

The arrest citation alleges Blevins reportedly noted the smell of intoxicating beverages during the stop, and attempted to give McCoy a field sobriety test, when a Kentucky State Police Trooper J. Goble arrived to assist. 

“McCoy became irate,” Goble’s citation alleges. The trooper noted McCoy then ignored commands to put his hands down and turn around, instead telling the deputy, “(Expletive) you, you (expletive) punk,” and later, “I will kill you (expletive).”

In attempting to handcuff McCoy, court documents said, Deputy Blevins released him, and McCoy struck Blevins in the face. 

“He stepped back and drew his fist to hit Deputy Blevins again and I struck McCoy with my right hand. Deputy Blevins sprayed McCoy with pepper spray and the two of us then had to wrestle him to the ground to get him handcuffed. He again told Deputy Blevins ‘I’ll kill you (expletive).’ I took Parker McCoy to Paul B. Hall (Emergency Room) and the entire time he kept threatening to beat down Deputy Blevins,” Goble’s citation alleges.

Court documents say McCoy refused a chemical test at the hospital and was lodged in Big Sandy Regional Detention Center after being medically cleared. He is charged with DUI, resisting arrest, third-degree terroristic threatening, second-degree disorderly conduct and third-degree assault of a police officer, among other charges. 

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