Several agenda items were discussed during the regularly scheduled meeting of the Paintsville Independent School District’s Board of Education on Monday, Jan. 13.

Paintsville Independent employee Matt Ratliff spoke about upcoming testing for students.

“On Feb. 4 we have the third, final mock-ACT,” said Ratliff. “Those juniors have performed very well so far. We are looking forward to the actual test in March.”

He continued, “Something we are doing a little different this year is that on Feb. 11 we are taking our 9th and 10th graders to Mayo to do a mock ACT assessment. So we can kind of set a benchmark there and follow those kids and track trends and track their growth throughout high school. I think that’s a good idea that we are implementing.”

He also stated that online field tests for third through 11th graders will begin next month.

Ratliff then commented on the upcoming Impact Kentucky Working Conditions Survey, provided to all Kentucky public school staff members, and made a motion to approve this year’s Comprehensive District Improvement Plan.

Painstville High School Principal Tiffany Austin also addressed the board during the meeting, commending teachers and students for a successful first semester of the school year. She also noted the student body was able to raise $953 through their annual “Dollar Wars” fundraiser, which the high school donated to Paintsville Independent’s Youth Service Center for their angel tree program, which services Paintsville Independent students.

Austin then commended a recent band and choir concert held at the SIPP and the boy’s basketball team for their win over JCHS.

“I know a lot of people were nervous considering the actions of last year,” Austin said, citing a fight that broke out during a game between the two schools last year. “It was a wonderful atmosphere. Both sides should be commended. I want to thank Mr. Tom Cochran and Noel Crum and all the administration at Johnson Central with their help at their end as well as our administration for their crowd control. It was a great game.”

Paintsville Elementary School Principal Katie Webb also addressed the board during the meeting, commending the school’s staff for orchestrating their Christmas program, which was held in the high school gymnasium to accommodate attendees.

“The crowd turnout for that is phenomenal. It gets bigger every year,” said Webb.

She also stated that the elementary school gained 14 new students at the start of the current semester.

Also during the meeting, Superintendent David Gibson commended board members for their efforts and accomplishments over the past few years. Board members also elected Kenneth Fuller Board Chairman for 2020 and Eddie Hazelett as Vice-Chairman and discussed updating an approving an agreement with the Paintsville First Baptist Church in regards to the school’s use of the church’s parking lot.  

Their next meeting will be held at 5:15 p.m. Monday, Feb. 10 in the board office.

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