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Last week, residents of Mountain Manor nursing home of Paintsville kicked off Valentine’s Day celebrations with the opportunity to have their photos taken with themed décor and props and to share Valentine’s Day pointers on the key to long and successful marriages.  Here is some of the advice they gave:

Hazel, married to Frank for 50 years, advised, “Love one another.”

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Oneida, married to Clarence for 49 years, advised, “Make them think they are the boss.”

Agatha, married to Ermel for 53 years, advised, “Don’t keep secrets and talk to each other.”

Ola, married to Wallie for over 50 years, advised, “Be good to one another and make up if you fight.”

Alicia, married to Aaron for 28 years, advised, “Make each other laugh!”

Floretta, married to Charles for 50 years, advised, “Hang in there!”

Charles, married to Dorothy for 64 years, advised, “Be good to each other.”

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Charles, married to Carolyn, the “love of his life”, for 41 years, advised, “Love her and do whatever she says.”

Phyllis Blevins, married to Danny for 46 years, advised, “Stay happy.”

Willard Blair, married to Geraldine for 40 years, simply smiled.

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For more information on Mountain Manor and the activities in which their residents partake, call the facility at, (606) 789-5808 or visit their Facebook page at, www.facebook.com/MountainManorOfPaintsville/.

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