McDonald’s on board with Hands and Feet Ministry’s Winter Joyfest

Some of the members of Hands and Feet Ministry of Staffordsville were on hand to receive a donation for the Winter Joyfest event from Bob Hutchison of McDonald’s of East Kentucky. 

In preparation for this weekend’s Winter Joyfest event, Hands and Feet Ministry accepted coupons donated by McDonald’s of East Kentucky for food and desserts to make Christmas even better for the county’s schoolchildren in need.

Berniece Cunagin, with Hands and Feet, said the Winter Joyfest, one of two major events the Staffordsville-based ministry hosts every year, will serve approximately 175 students from both Johnson County and Paintsville Independent schools. Every child will leave with a new pair of shoes and numerous other gifts. 

Cunagin said the ministry works directly with the schools’ Family Resource Youth Service Centers to identify the exact needs of the students and obtain their sizes. Students on their list but unable to attend the Joyfest event will still receive their shoes and gifts via those service centers. 

Bob Hutchison of McDonald’s of East Kentucky said Cunagin helped get him involved in the program. Hutchison, one of several partners and sponsors of the Joyfest event, donated vouchers 175 hamburgers, 175 fries and 175 ice cream cones to make the event a little sweeter for everyone.

“I believe in the program, first and foremost. Second, I believe in the people that are involved in the program,” Hutchison said. “You’ve got to have both to get involvement from the community.”

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