The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office assisted Kentucky State Police in serving an indictment warrant to Jared K. Bartley, age 31 of Staffordsville, which led to various other charges.

“We went to Jared Bartley’s residence on Lower Twin Branch in Staffordsville in an attempt to serve an indictment warrant for Johnson Circuit Court,” said JCSO Deputy Jason Arms. “Once we arrived, we were met by Bartley’s step-father at the door and he stated that he (Bartley) wasn’t home, and allowed Deputy Scott to come inside to look.”

Arms said he and two additional officers remained outside while JCSO Deputy Michael Scott went inside the residence to locate Bartley, “in case he took off running”.

“Scott has been inside maybe 30 seconds when I started hearing shouting coming from inside the home and I entered the home to see what was happening. Bartley was in the floor of a bedroom and Scott was telling him to put his hands behind his back,” said Arms. “Bartley refused all commands and began reaching for something in the floor beside him. We then attempted to get his hands behind his back and he began fighting with us and kept reaching down and we noticed that there was an open knife beside him.”

Arms said the deputes were eventually able to restrain Bartley.

“We were finally able to gain control of him and restrain him and once we stood him up out of the floor, we observed a bundle of bags that contained a white crystal like substance believed to be methamphetamine under his person,” Arms said. “We also found other items of drug paraphernalia like glass smoking pipes, etcetera.”

Arms said that, during the course of Bartley fighting with officers, Deputy Scott was struck in the left eye causing a very minor injury, however he refused medical attention.

“We arrested Bartley on the indictment warrant for flagrant nonsupport, as well as charged him with resisting arrest, menacing, assault third degree on a police officer, possession of a controlled substance first degree (methamphetamine) and possession of drug paraphernalia,” Arms said.

Johnson County Sheriff Doug Saylor said it was his understanding that Bartley was attempting to “keester” drugs (or insert them into his anus) when Deputy Scott located him in the residence.

“We suspect that’s what he might have been doing because when Michael found him, he had one hand behind his back and down his pants,” Arms said. “We didn’t know if he was reaching for something at first or what, but after we got him in custody and found the bundle of meth, and noticed his pants was unzipped and unbuttoned, we kinda did the math.”

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