Paul Lemay sentenced

Paul Lemay, left, stands with his lawyer, Robbie Chaney, and Assistant Commonwealth’s attorneys Matt Runyon and Adam Gearheart on Wednesday as Lemay is sentenced to 45 years in prison for murdering his wife, Mandy, in 2018 and then keeping her body in their home for weeks. 

An Oil Springs man was sentenced to 45 years in prison on Oct. 21 for murdering his wife and abusing her corpse, said Johnson Commonwealth’s Attorney Anthony Skeans.

Paul Lemay, 52, shot and killed his wife, Mandy Lemay, 27, in a residence on Ky. 825 in Johnson County in 2018. According to investigative reports, the victim was shot in the head and her body was left in the home the couple shared for weeks before the crime was discovered.

Lemay pleaded guilty to the charges last month.

During a sentencing hearing on Oct. 21, family members were present to give victim impact statements along with Victim’s Advocate Linda Duncan, said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Runyon. Runyon and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Adam Gearheart served as lead counsel for the prosecution.

“Cases such as Paul Lemay’s are always tough to prosecute because you’re dealing with the most heinous of crimes — that of murder,” said Runyon in a statement. “In addition, Mr. Lemay was charged with abuse of a corpse as the evidence showed that he murdered Mandy Lemay and lived in their home with her body for several weeks thereafter. At 52 years of age, the 45-year sentence is a significant one for Paul Lemay, and we feel that the ends of justice were served in this matter.”

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