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Sarah Kimbler, right, along with husband Ryan and their two children, will be moving to Columbus, Ohio this year. Kimbler, a Paintsville native, has been a member of the Paintsville City Council since 2018 and will be leaving her position in the coming months.

Paintsville City Council Member Sarah Kimbler has announced that she will be leaving her position this year as her family will be relocating to Columbus, Ohio, later this year.

Kimbler, who was elected to the council in 2018, has served the community as a member of the council for the past 14 months and has been an advocate of community action within her generation.

“People kept saying that the younger generation needed to get more involved and I wanted to show everyone that I could do it,” she said. “If you want change, you have to make change. Just talking about it won’t do anything. Complaining on social media won’t create change. I was 28 years old when I filed to run for city council. Anything is possible if you go into it with the right attitude.”

Kimbler said she wanted to be involved.

“I ran because I wanted to be involved in the decision-making process for our community,” she said. “My goal was to be the voice for the citizens of Paintsville. I wanted the people who voted for me to use me as a resource. I wanted to do more than just approve bills to be paid, accept minutes from prior meetings, and so on. My husband and I bought a house in city limits and had plans to raise our family where we grew up. The city’s goals have always been my goals. I wanted to make movement and get people to stop thinking about what Paintsville could do for them and start thinking about what they could do for Paintsville.”

Kimbler, a Paintsville native and graduate of Paintsville High School class of 2007, was clear about the importance the community has had for her.

“I feel nervous about uprooting my family from everything we’ve ever known and moving to a city that is foreign to us,” she said. “Paintsville, Kentucky will always be our home. I was born and raised here, along with a majority of my family. I went to school here. I rode my bike up and down the streets of Paintsville for over a decade. Neighborhood kids and I built a place called “Bike Country” in the gully. We played night tag on Washington and Walnut Avenue until my Mom did her famous whistle at night. I used to spin on the seats while eating ice cream at Jimbo’s.”

Kimbler said that, while she is saddened to be leaving, she is optimistic about the future of the council’s decisions.

“Once I’m gone, I hope (the) council continues to make improvements within our town,” she said. “I hope all members continue to work together to get infrastructure moving in the right direction. I want Paintsville to succeed. I want everyone to work together, from non-profit organizations to family owned businesses My platform for running was to bring a positive and optimistic view to the table and I believe I have done that.”