The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources is asking the public to report any wild pig sightings in the vicinity where Magoffin, Johnson and Floyd counties come together. A sounder (group) of wild pigs was photographed on a trail in August near Salyersville.

When wild pigs first appeared in other areas of Kentucky, sportsmen and sportswomen were excited about the increased hunting opportunities, but it soon became apparent that wild pigs were more than anyone bargained for.

Wild pigs displace game species like deer and turkey, negatively affecting hunter harvest. They also destroy crops and food plots, and eat all the acorns in the fall, which many wildlife species heavily rely on as a food source.

The department asks hunters to report wild pigs and refrain from shooting into a group of pigs. Hunting fails as a management tool for wild pigs due to their high reproductive rate and intelligence.

During deer season, hunters place cameras across the landscape. With the large numbers of trail cameras across the landscape, deer season is an excellent time to find these wild pigs.

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services, Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is committed to finding any wild pigs in the area. Free trapping services are available to anyone with a pig presence on their property.

The department asks anyone who sees wild pigs, wild pig damage or has trail cam photos to submit a report online at You can also contact Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologist Terri Brunjes by phone at, (800) 858-1549 or by email at,

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