A Johnson County grand jury handed down indictments last Wednesday, and among them were indictments against three Johnson County men who were arrested in February on drug charges after a visit by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office  to their hotel room, according to court documents.

The initial arrests, according to JCSO Deputy Bill Meade, were the result of a controlled buy that led to a “knock and talk” at the Days Inn in Paintsville, where deputies met with Milton King, 63, of West Liberty, who had rented the room at the hotel.

After speaking with King, Meade said, he and the assisting officers, including Johnson County Sheriff Dwayne Price entered the room and made contact with Joshua Fyffe, 31, of Paintsville, and Don Nicholas Ramey, 31, of Thelma. Officers, Meade said, observed drug paraphernalia such as “meth pipes” and “syringes” laying out in the open. Meade said he asked King for permission to search the room further and that search led to the discovery of a bag of methamphetamine that Meade said belonged to King and another bag that belonged to Ramey.

Also found in the room was a small quantity of money, according to Meade, who said that King, Ramey and Fyffe were all charged with first-degree and first-offense trafficking in a controlled substance (greater than or equal to two grams of methamphetamine).

“There will probably be additional charges added to that,” Meade said at the time of the arrest. “We’re continuing with Sheriff Price’s commitment to be proactive in pursuing illegal drug sellers.”

Those additional charges were seen in the possession of drug paraphernalia charge added to each of the three’s cases, all charged in complicity with one another.

Meade said deputies Terry Tussey, Byron Fairchild, Tim Clark and Lauren O’Bryan, as well as Paintsville Police Department Chief Mike Roe, assisted him on the scene.

King, Ramey and Fyffe were arrested and lodged in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center, where they were later released, pending the indictment.

All three cases will be heard in Johnson County Circuit Court beginning on Feb. 19, and the trio could face up to five years in prison each, if convicted. Records at the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center indicate that none of the three have been re-arrested.

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