When Johnson County Middle School and Johnson Central High School return to classes next week, students will be hearing about a new program available to them to bolster their academic and personal success.

The Johnson County School District is launching “Eagle Enrichment” Aug. 27, a before-school and after-school program open to them to focus on ways they can improve in classes, work on student success skills or just find new enrichment opportunities.

JCHS program coordinator Misty Ward said the program will be available for all JCHS and JCMS students. Students struggling with attendance, for instance, will be able to track their attendance with incentives in place to help them do better. Students who want to work on their social skills will be able to learn more about leadership, how to resolve conflicts amicably and how to work better in team situations. Students who want to do better in their classes will be able to get homework help or take enrichment programs with Johnson County teachers.

“We call it ‘WIN’ time, which stands for ‘What I Need,’” Ward said. 

Ward said the program is unlike traditional after school programs in that the Eagle Enrichment program will also make available new opportunities for arts programs, robotics, book clubs, science programs, field trips and, thanks to a partnership with Johnson County 4-H, new student clubs for gardening, cooking and more.

Ward said there will be food available, and students can also be transported by bus to elementary schools around the county for pickup, to make it easier for parents who do not live close to town. 

The program means teachers have a new resource in place to help students who are falling behind and need help as well as for students who are succeeding and need more enrichment or a place to belong in addition to other extracurricular activities like sports, the academic team, band and choir.

The program is made possible by a $150,000 federal 21st Century Community Learning Center grant awarded through the Kentucky Department of Education for the next five years.

Students will be given more information about Eagle Enrichment at orientation next week. For more information, email JCHS coordinator Misty Ward at, misty.ward@johnson.kyschools.us, or JCMS coordinator Missy Davis at, missy.davis@johnson.kyschools.us.

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