Last week, State Auditor Mike Harmon released a report detailing accounting errors made by the Johnson County Fiscal Court during the past fiscal year, which Johnson County Judge-Executive Mark McKenzie addressed at the JCFC’s regular meeting Monday.

“I want to provide some clarification on the findings. There’s been some discussion about that. I want everyone to understand, and I have met with each and every one of you (the JCFC commissioners) individually to go over this audit,” said McKenzie. “But, first and foremost, there’s no funds missing from this audit. There was no issue at all with funds unaccounted for. The findings that were here were related primarily to how the entry was posted in the system. The booking and entries, basically.”

“There were some payments that were made during this fiscal year that the money was available, but the timing of the transfer was the issue,” McKenzie said. “The money was there to make the payment, it just did not get transferred into the proper account before the payment was made. So, again, no funds were missing. I want to be very clear about that. No funds were missing,” McKenzie continued. “This was related primarily to the posting and the bookkeeping.”

McKenzie said he wanted to make these clarifications in deference to the previous administration and fiscal court members.

“I felt that it was necessary out of all fairness and consideration of those who served prior to us who were operating during this budget period that it was necessary to share those comments,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie provided additional comment in a statement.

“The audit findings were primarily related to accounting entries not being made to the correct budget line items and untimely transfers of available funds for approved expenses,” he said. “Therefore, the current fiscal court and treasurer are implementing all the recommendations made by the state auditor in the report.”

The Johnson County Fiscal Court meets on the first Monday of every month at 4:30 p.m. and all meetings are open to the public.

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