Two Thelma residents were arrested Friday night after the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office reported deputies found drugs and evidence of drug use in a residence in which children were present.

A statement from the sheriff’s office said that when JCSO Deputies Jesse Mullins, J.P. Primm and Cory Cook responded to a call which alleged that Virginia Shepherd, 47, of Thelma and Timothy S. Moore, 57, also of Thelma, had the children of the complainant inside their residence and refused to allow the custodians and police entry. According to the statement, after some time, deputies were able to convince Shepherd to allow them inside the house.

   Once inside, the statement said, the deputies discovered marijuana, prescription pills in improper containers, several tablets believed to be hydrocodone hidden in a towel in the bathroom and a plate with a white powdery substance on it in plain view. Moore and Shepherd, the statement said, admitted to the deputies that they had been smoking marijuana and an inspection led deputies to believe that Moore had been snorting the powder.

According to the statement, Moore and Shepherd were placed under arrest and Moore began to struggle and resist the arresting officer, leading to a forcible detainment. 

Moore was charged with kidnapping a minor, endangering the welfare of a minor, second-degree wanton endangerment, felony custodial interference, resisting arrest, second-degree disorderly conduct, menacing, first-offense prescription controlled substance not in proper container, second-degree possession of a controlled substance, third-degree possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Shepherd was charged with kidnapping a minor, endangering the welfare of a minor, felony custodial interference and second-degree wanton endangerment and both were lodged in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center, where they both remained as of presstime Tuesday. 

Moore and Shepherd were also cited by Kentucky Fish and Wildlife officers after the officers seized an illegal pet squirrel from within the residence, according to the statement. A preliminary hearing is set for Wednesday in both Shepherd and Moore’s cases.

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