The Johnson County Board of Education has set a date for a public hearing on a proposed general fund tax levy of 50.4 cents on both real and personal property, according to a statement from the board.

The public hearing is required and will be held in the library of Porter Elementary School on Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. and public comments will be heard.

The newly-proposed rate represents a three cent increase over the tax levied in fiscal year 2018, which was 47.4 cents per $100 value on both real and personal property, according to the statement, and produced a revenue of approximately $3,068,019.

The new rate would produce an estimated $164,405 in new revenue, which the board said would be split between the cost of collections ($6,576.22) and instruction ($157,829.38).

Alternatively, the board could choose to set in place the compensating rate of 48.1 cents on both real and personal property, which would produce a revenue of approximately $3,438,221, approximately $160,000 less than the proposed rate.

According to Johnson County Schools Superintendent Thom Cochran, the board wishes to continue offering the best possible opportunities for Johnson County students and that their tax rate is much lower than the regional average.

“Nobody wants to pay more taxes. Our tax rate is, by far, the lowest of anybody around us in the region and we’re just trying to make sure we can pay the bills,” Cochran said. “Not only that, but we’re trying to make sure we can provide every opportunity for our kids and we feel that our kids deserve whatever every other kid across the state gets, so we’re just trying to provide what they need and deserve.”

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