The Johnson County Schools Board of Education held a special meeting on Monday, Apr. 5 to discuss and begin the process to fill the board seat for District 4 left vacant by the passing of the late Jesse Salyer.

“As we’re all well aware, we do have an open seat due to the passing of our beloved Jesse Salyer,” said Superintendent Thom

Cochran. “That’s tough thing to talk about, we all respected Jesse, our school board, our school system, our entire school community, but, coming with his passing, he would want his seat filled with a high quality person -- what he represented ... So, we have officially declared the seat open, so now we need to move forward with trying to replace this vacated seat.”

The board then made a motion and second to declare the vacancy, and Cochran laid out the details of the process for filling that vacated seat.

“The next item is to discuss the timeline of the process. We’re set by law with certain timelines that we have to fill vacated seats and certain requirements within those timelines,” Cochran said. “Part of the requirements was this, we had to have a meeting to declare a vacancy, now we have to go forward with advertisements in the largest publication in our community ... so now we have advertisements and we have that set to run for two weeks ... After that two week requirement, we can declare a deadline. I’d like to propose a deadline of Apr. 20, after those applications are submitted to us, we need to get back together and look through those applicants and, if necessary, to interview those applicants ... then have a goal of confirming the board member for District 4 at our Apr. 26 regular meeting.”

The board then made motion to declare the meeting and scheduled a special meeting to review applicants on Apr. 21 before adjourning.

The Johnson County Schools Board of Education meets on the third Monday of each month at 5 p.m. at the central administrative building on the Johnson Central High School and Johnson County Middle School campus. All meetings are open to the public.