The last 2019 meeting of the Johnson County Historical and Genealogical Society was held in the Johnson County Public Library on Saturday.

The body made history in Johnson County by selecting an all-female board of directors, according to a statement from the historical society.

According to the statement, the society elects new officers and directors during its December meetings.

This year’s officers are Dirk Cook, President; Jonathan Shaw, Vice-President and John David Preston, Secretary/Treasurer. The newly elected directors are Jan Smith, Lara Pack and Beverly Estep.

While charged with preserving history, the statement said, the new directors are inadvertently making history as well as the newly-elected group becomes the first all-female board since the society’s 1974 inception.

The Johnson County Historical and Genealogical Society meets quarterly at the Johnson County Public Library and produces a historical magazine entitled the Highland Echo, according to the statement.

The publication, produced with Editor John David Preston, is published quarterly and focuses on local history, according to the statement. Members of the historical society, the statement said, enjoy the pursuit of historical research and also assist others in genealogical research. Additional projects undertaken by the JCHGC are the preservation of historic signage, historic site research and  ecognition as well as promotion of historic attributes within Johnson County.  

One such project being completed at present is the restoration of historic road signage. The identification of the signage, restoration of signage and new placements more conducive to public enjoyment are being completed with partnerships between JCHGS, Paintsville/Johnson County Trail Town, Kentucky Highway Department District 12 and the Kentucky Historical Society, the statement said.

Anyone with an interest in Johnson County history or genealogy is welcome to become a member, the statement said, and can find more information and  collections of local history on the society’s Facebook page by searching for the Johnson County Historical and Genealogical Society. The statement said each member pays dues of $15 per calendar year which also entitles the member to the four yearly publications of the Highland Echo.

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