On his first day in office, Gov. Andy Beshear issued an executive order to reorganize the Kentucky Board of Education, replacing all members with new appointees, including one from Pike County.

Beshear appointed Cody Pauley Johnson, of Pikeville, to represent Supreme Court District 7 among the 11 new appointees.

His other appointees include Holly Bloodworth, of Murray, Patrice McCray, of Bowling Green, Mike Bowling, of Middlesboro, Sharon Porter Robinson, of Louisville, Lu Young, of Nicholasville, JoAnn Adams, of Pleasureville, Lee Todd, of Lexington, David Karem, of Louisville, Claire Batt, of Lexington, and Alvis Johnson, of Harrodsburg.

In the executive order, Beshear said that the current members of the Board of Education have “conflicting relationships” and “lack experience in public education.” He also said that the board did not conduct a nationwide search before appointing current Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis.

“Reorganization of the Kentucky Board of Education is necessary to restore public confidence in the Commonwealth’s commitment to public education and to restore public confidence in the board itself,” according to the executive order. “By rescinding the most recent executive order issued by the prior administration and recreating the board as this administration’s first official act, Kentucky citizens will understand that public education and the integrity of the board are priorities in the Commonwealth.”

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that shortly after the announcement, 10 of the former board members said they will file a lawsuit on Tuesday against Beshear’s executive order, challenging his attempt to remove them before their terms expire.

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