Secretary of State Michael Adams announced recently that, for the third consecutive month, Kentucky removed more voters from its rolls than it added.

In February, 3,069 new voters registered, and 5,106 voters were removed – 4,274 deceased voters, 632 voters who voluntarily de-registered, 198 felony convicts, and 2 mentally disabled voters. There are 2,037 fewer voters on the rolls as of February 28 than on January 31, a 0.06 percent decrease.

Secretary Adams credits his seriousness about election integrity with making possible the significant expansion of voter access in House Bill 574, the major election reform bill expected to become law this legislative session.

“Kentuckians trust us to make it easier to vote, only because they’ve seen us make it harder to cheat,” he said.

Democratic registrants represent 47 percent of the electorate with 1,658,469 registered voters. Democratic registration dropped by 2,247 since January 31, a 0.14 percent decrease. Republican registrants total 1,572,857, or 44 percent of voters. Republicans saw a decrease of 512 registered voters, a decline of 0.03 percent from January 31. In addition, 9 percent of voters are listed under other affiliations, which saw an increase of 724 registrants, a 0.22 percent increase.

Complete registration statistics are available on the State Board of Elections website.