At a special meeting of the Johnson County Fiscal Court, Judge-Executive R. T. “Tucker” Daniel gave an update about the work being done by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with the reported $118 million in federal funding for Johnson County flood mitigation announced in July.

The work, Daniel said, is currently in the very early stages.

“They can’t just rush out and spend $118 million right now,” Daniel said. 

Daniel called the current work being done by the Corps a “barnstorming session,” canvassing the county in targeted areas that have experienced bad flooding in the past. They have also been sitting down with local officials to discuss mitigation ideas, including elevating property or constructing floodwalls.

“Nothing is off the table,” Daniel said. “These guys are pretty creative when they have to be.”

Daniel said the talks have been productive. 

“What these people are trying to do is come up with some solutions, and what they would have to do in order to cope with, or

mitigate, all of these projects,” Daniel said.

Daniel also touched on the ongoing Federal Emergency Management Agency project in Flat Gap, with prospective property buyouts, similar to another FEMA project in Paintsville. Daniel said some people, despite the flood risk, have expressed a reluctance to move.

The fiscal court also voted to accept a third quarter report from County Clerk Sallee Ann Holbrook, and established the county’s trick-or-treat time for October 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. The City of Paintsville will officially establish its trick-or-treat time on Monday, but Daniel said the fiscal court has discussed it with the city already and expect it to coincide. 

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