The Johnson County Fiscal Court has opened 2019 in a special session with new members, new hires and very similar budgets.

Under new sheriff Doug Saylor, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will feature a nearly identical budget to last year’s. The only difference is an increase in projected revenue in commissions on tax collections, up from $270,000 to $275,000. On the expenditures side, that extra $5,000 is reflected in postage costs.

 “It comes to (our) attention that (postage for tax bills) is now the responsibility of the sheriff’s office,” Saylor said.

Overall, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office will operate on a budget of $669,785.12.

The budget for returning county clerk Sallee Ann Holbrook is projecting lower costs for office supplies, lower costs for rental and maintenance of election equipment, and much lower costs for lease payments, down from $115,000 in 2018 to $95,000 in 2019.

Overall, Conley’s 2019 budget comes in at $617,000, down from $642,800 a year ago.

The fiscal court also reappointed current county employees and announced the appointment of two new employees: Regina McClure and Monica Spriggs, both with the Big Sandy Area Development District, will be coming on board; McClure as community development coordinator and Spriggs as flood plain coordinator, Federal Emergency Management Agency applicant agent, solid waste coordinator and PRIDE coordinator.

The fiscal court will convene in another special meeting Wednesday, to appoint two additional new employees, Phillip Keeton as road foreman and Harry Neil Frisby as assistant coroner.

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