“Feel the Love” winner receives new climate control system

Big Sandy Heating and Cooling owners Jerry and Holli Price joined their employees and representatives from Lennox International Monday to install a new heating and air system at the Woodland Estates home of Janie Roman, a widowed Navy veteran whose climate control system, a 1970 model Lennox, ceased operation in August and was not reparable.

In August, Big Sandy Heating and Cooling announced it would be participating in Lennox International’s 10th annual Feel the Love program for its first year in Kentucky, and installed a new $6,500 central heat and air unit at the Woodland Estates home of Janie Roman Monday.

Roman was nominated by two service technicians at BSHC, according to owner Jerry Price, who said that Roman has been a widow since 2008. The two technicians, Price said, were Evan Bays and Charley Bowen, who visited Roman’s home for a service call in August and discovered that Roman was living without air conditioning in the extreme heat after her Lennox unit from the 1970s ceased operation.

“Lennox is providing the equipment, our employees are donating their time and we’re donating the materials,” Price said. “So, we removed her 1970 Lennox unit and we’re installing her brand-new Lennox split-system heat pump.”

Price said they selected Roman because of her need and her service to her country and community — Roman and her husband were both Navy veterans and she worked with the Carl D. Perkins Job Corp up until 2012, when an illness forced her into early retirement.

“Her husband passed away in 2008, he was a Navy veteran and she’s a Navy veteran,” Price said. “Two of our technicians were out here about six weeks ago, and her unit was dead. It couldn’t be repaired.”

The two technicians, who visited on separate occasions, then decided to nominate her for the program.

“Come to find out, the motor was frozen to the wheel,” Roman said. “They couldn’t get it started, so I said, ‘Well, I’ll have to see about doing something, at least getting a furnace for the winter,’ then, their technicians, Charlie and Evan, Charlie was the one who came back the second time, they were the ones who nominated me for this program.”

Roman said she didn’t even know the program existed, and that she was “very” relieved to have the new unit.

“I’ve never won anything before,” Roman said. “This is a big win, it really is. Definitely a big win.”

Roman then joked that the only thing she could be happier about would be winning a sweepstakes from Publisher’s Clearing House. Roman said that if she ever did win that sweepstakes, she’d use that money to pay it forward and buy a unit for someone else in need.

“If I ever won Publisher’s Clearing House, I’d pay for this unit, even though it was given to me,” Roman said. “I’d pay it back somehow, I’d pay it back by buying someone else one.”

This sentiment falls in line with the stated goal of the Feel the Love program, according to a statement from Lennox.

“Each recipient has one thing in common: they always put others first,” the statement said. “Past nominees include community figures such as teachers, firefighters and volunteers, families facing hard times, veterans, senior citizens living in older homes and people impacted by natural disasters.”

Price said that this install was one of approximately 350 being made around the United States, and that most of them took place over the past weekend, but that Roman’s was on Monday due to the Apple Festival weekend.

According to Price, the company plans to donate a system and installation to another nominee that was not selected for Feel the Love within coming weeks, independently, and will donate the system, labor and materials for that upcoming install. Big Sandy Heating and Cooling will participate in Feel the Love again next year, and will be accepting nominations during the summer of 2020.

Over the past decade, more than 1,000 families have received a unit as part of the program, according to the statement from Lennox.

For more information about the program, or to nominate a community member, visit, FeelTheLove.com.

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