‘Everything Nerdy’ to hold grand opening Saturday

Oliver Melvin and Stephen Burchett, owners of the new Everything Nerdy comic store on Broadway Street, sat down Monday to detail the grand opening of their store, which will be held Saturday at 10 a.m., as well as what prospective patrons can expect from the business.

A new comic book and fandom store, Everything Nerdy, will be opening in Paintsville this Saturday at 10 a.m., according to business owners Oliver Melvin and Stephen Burchett.

Melvin said the types of comics and toys the store will feature are enjoying a peak in popularity unlike anything since the 1980s and the two wanted to provide a place to build a community to bring fans together.

“It has never been as popular as it is now since the eighties,” Melvin said. “We’ve always loved this stuff, I mean, I grew up reading comics and everything and playing with these action figures … Paintsville has never had a place like this that has stuck around for a good long time, so we hope to change that.”

Burchett said the two are focusing on “fair pricing” and offering the availability of niche items that are difficult to find in stores, even offering a layaway program to help those who might want more expensive collector’s items but wouldn’t be able to spend a large chunk of their income at once for them.

“We’re trying to be a ‘price fair’ kind of store,” Burchett said. “When we have to drive all the way to Huntington and Ashland, or Page 3 in Pikeville, you’re out all that gas and time, plus the cost of the items. We want to be local to bring the things that you love and we love, sort of like a family or a community.”

Burchett said the store would be donating items to local schools for attendance programs as well as discounts for first-responders, which Burchett said were a special group of people to him as he has worked as a first-responder for 13 years.

The grand opening will take place at the Broadway Street location for the store Saturday and will feature a ribbon cutting, snacks and a community-focused gathering.

Melvin said the store currently features items from Star Wars, Marvel Comics, D.C. Comics, Dragonball and various other anime and manga series, with many more to come.

“If you’re a nerd, if you love just a single thing that I like, you’re family,” Burchett said. “Just come in, you’re going to be treated as family.”

For more information, follow Everything Nerdy on Facebook or attend the grand opening ceremony Saturday.

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