Paintsville’s Haas eKentucky Advanced Manufacturing Institute will see a $1.5 million investment from the Appalachian Regional Commission, for the expansion of the workforce development program, Gov. Matt Bevin and the Department for Local Government announced this week.

The funds will go to support the eKAMI program and allow for an expansion, from adult students to recent high school graduates and teacher instruction for underutilized vocational training programs, the DLG said in a statement.

“This project will enable eKAMI to expand their state-of-the-art workforce development training to equip residents from across Appalachia with the skills they need to succeed in today’s high-tech, high-demand jobs,” Gov. Bevin said.

The award is part of the Appalachian Regional Commission’s Partnerships for Opportunity and Workforce and Economic Revitalization program, an initiative funded by Congress using federal resources to target communities affected by the loss of coal mining jobs, coal-fired power plant operations and coal supply chain industries.

“In the past year, Kentucky has been recognized on a national level for tis innovation and commitment when it comes to preparing its workforce for well-paying, sought-after careers in advanced manufacturing,” DLG Commissioner Sandra Dunahoo said. “Funding programs like eKAMI will help pave the way for individuals seeking these opportunities, and investing in a highly skilled workforce also has the potential to attract businesses to Eastern Kentucky down the road. This is certainly a worthwhile investment, and I am proud DLG could help eKAMI secure these funds.”

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