This week, the Johnson County Fiscal Court rolled out a plan to help residents dispose of excess garbage.

The county-wide program will utilize vouchers, available at Apple Valley Sanitation, to allow disposal of a load of garbage or unwanted items at no cost to the residents. The program runs from May 21 through June 30.

Only one voucher will be made available per household, and only households with accounts in good standing with Apple Valley Sanitation, or those otherwise in compliance with the county’s solid waste management ordinance, are eligible. Vouchers can be picked up prior to dumping, or can be obtained at the time of dumping. Photocopies will not be accepted.

Johnson Judge-Executive Mark McKenzie said that in addition to their normal business hours, Apple Valley will be also open June 1, June 15 and June 29 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. to provide more opportunities for residents to take advantage of the program.

“It’s one load (per household),” McKenzie said. “It could be a pickup load, it could be a trailer load, it could be a pickup and a trailer load.”

McKenzie said several individuals and groups had a hand in putting the program together.

“I appreciate the support of county commissioners Kathy Adams, Mikey Jarrell and Tim Salyer along with the efforts of Monica Spriggs, solid waste coordinator, Charles Lusk, owner of Apple Valley Sanitation, and the Johnson County Solid Waste Commission for working together to create a plan that provides this opportunity to the residents of Johnson County,” McKenzie said.

McKenzie said the first run of the program under these new rules will also allow Apple Valley and the fiscal court to collect data on how broadly it is utilized and how to improve the program going forward.

“We’re hoping that it will allow us to create some documentation of who participates in the program,” McKenzie said. “We’re hoping for success with the program. We’re putting a stronger emphasis on solid waste, and putting a lot of effort toward that.”

More information on the program can be obtained by contacting the Johnson County Fiscal Court at, (606) 789-2550, or Apple Valley Sanitation at, (606) 789-5980.