A Hagerhill man was given a recommended sentence of five years supervised probation with outpatient rehabilitation in Johnson County Circuit Court Friday following two arrests in 2018 related to methamphetamine trafficking.

Randall Branham, 48, of Hagerhill, was given a recommended sentence, for two class C felonies and multiple misdemeanors, of five years on supervised probation, with a total of seven and a half years to serve if he violates his probation, which also requires that he check into an outpatient rehabilitation program and take regular drug tests.

Branham was originally arrested in May of 2018, when probation officers joined Kentucky State Police Drug Enforcement and Special Investigations East Interdiction Team for a home visit at Branham’s residence on Airport Road. The officers were searching for two others who they had learned were living at the residence and trafficking methamphetamine, according to court documents.

The documents said Jason Boleyn and Dallas Ward with Johnson County Probation and Parole initiated the visit at Branham’s Airport Road residence with members of the KSP Drug Enforcement and Special Investigations East Interdiction Team.

The DESI team was following up on a lead from their investigation, the citation said, which led them to believe that Norman Travis Blevins, 47, and Tiffany Dawn Akers, 34, both of Hagerhill, were staying at Branham’s residence and “trafficking large amounts of crystal methamphetamine” from the house.

When officials arrived, Ward and Boleyn knocked on the door and spoke with Branham, who stated that the house was his residence and advised officials that Blevins was in the back bedroom of the house.

According to the citation, Ward and Boleyn made contact with Blevins, who stated “he did not want to speak with any law enforcement about (the) allegations of drugs being sold in the home.” Branham, according to the citation, advised officials that if there were any drugs in the residence, he was unaware of it, but granted consent for the DESI team to search the house.

Mary Frances Dietlin, 27, of Hagerhill, and Akers were also present in the residence, and both denied any knowledge of drugs present at the locale.

A search of the house revealed a large plastic bag hidden in the wall of the bathroom with a clear “rock-type” substance suspected to be methamphetamine, and, within Blevins’ bedroom, a clear plastic bag with 27 dosage units of what officials suspected was Neurontin and three clear plastic bags with a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana.

Officers wrote that they located a black and silver digital scale with a “crystal type residue” on the scale. Also found in Blevins’ room were Akers’ purse and Blevins’ wallet, containing a combined total of approximately $1500, documents said.

All four individuals denied any knowledge of the illegal drugs found at the residence, according to the citation, and were arrested, with an indictment against the four arriving later in May.

Branham was arrested in November, when he served a total of six days in the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center before being released.

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